Relaunch for British Science Week

We are delighted to be relaunching the Weather Rescue project for British Science Week 2019 on 8th March!

This time we are travelling back in time to the 1860s, when coordinated weather observations were just beginning. Vice-Admiral Robert FitzRoy had established the Met Office to provide storm warnings to sailors. To enable this he sent weather measurement instruments to various UK locations so that the weather could be continuously monitored. The daily observations were sent by telegraph back to London each morning and were collated by FitzRoy. From February 1861 FitzRoy was using these observations to make the very first storm warnings, and by August 1861 these had become general weather ‘forecasts’ – a word he invented for this purpose!

The original records are held by the Met Office and have been scanned. These are the images you will see, containing the carefully handwritten observations, but they have never been digitised.

We would like your help to transcribe the pressure, temperature and rainfall observations contained in the documents so that meteorologists and climate scientists can finally use them.

Visit the Weather Rescue website from 8th March to help us!


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  1. Stephanie A Frizzell March 2, 2019 / 6:50 pm



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